Rubber Stamps from Future Primitive

Bullshit Stamp

Not going to lie, there’s a lot of stuff that I feel the requirement to “Call Bullshit” on but, up until now, I’ve lacked the requisite instrument to add a touch of┬ápermanence┬áto my declaration. Which is why I positively rejoiced when I stumbled across these brilliant Bullshit Rubber Stamps from Future Primitive. Just a selection things that I intend to stamp bullshit upon over the coming weeks include:

  • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (I saw a well weird insect the other day)
  • The Scales in my Bathroom After a Weigh-In
  • Any Low-Fat / Gluten-Free Food
  • The Moon (Don’t trust it)

I’m sure there were more things that I wanted to add my Bullshit List but, for the life of me, I can’t remember them. But, rest assured, my Bullshit Stamp will be getting plenty of use.

Book Stamp

If my book collection is anything to go by, I will have to be putting “The Library” in the blank space provided. Get it? Because I don’t return library books.

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