Sailing Ship Kite

ship kite

Not to sully the name of the CBBC institution, Blue Peter, but…..I hate those dicks. As a child, I carried out multiple acts of valour, creativity and general goodladishness but those bastards never sent me one of their bloody badges. I wanted to get into museums for free sooooooooo bad.

Well, the time has come for revenge and an act of attrition. I’m nothing if not symbolic, so I intend to get my hands on one of these awesome Sailing Ship Kites, scrawl “Blue Peter is shit. And who the hell is Peter? And why is he blue? You bastards! I hate you” on the sails of said kite. Though, given the length of this diatribe and relatively small surface area in which to write it, I may have to come back to that with a slightly shorter insult at a later date.

Update: My kite got shot down by an unmanned drone. Blue Peter have got friends in high places. Peter Purves and that.

sailing kite

Kite near a bridge? Jog on, lady.

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