The Secret Life of Toys Prints


Even though that Documentary “Toy Story” got there first and showcased the crazy shit toys get up to when no one’s looking, it doesn’t mean that we’ve got a full understanding of the nature of your Hungry Hippos, GI Joe and Transformers all the time – Toy Story is just one documentary, after all, and there are millions of toys in the world. As such, we need to rely upon undercover agents and investigative reporters such as those at the, badly named if secrecy is a priority, Secret World of Toys. They’ve managed to infiltrate the murky world of toys to bring us a fly-on-the wall look at just what our toys get up to ¬†(don’t pretend you haven’t still got toys) when we’re at work and that. It’s not quite as shocking as you’d imagine i.e. your He-Man isn’t getting roided up and you’re unlikely to come home to find your My Little Pony in the midst of a devastating K-Hole but, safe to say, they don’t just lie around when you’re out. No, sir, they play video games and try and supplement their incomes.

Secret Life of Toys

Bought a Big Issue off Bobba Fett the other day. Told me it was his last one. Saw not two hours later that he had a shit-load more. Moral of the story –¬†Intergalactic Bounty Hunters are¬†unscrupulous bastards.

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