Six Shooters Shaving Brush

Six Shavers Brush

To be perfectly honest, my face is normally covered in blood after I’ve finished shaving (as I have the shaving acumen of an angst ridden teen) so I figure that I should invest in a bit of kit that would at least seem to give a bit of a backstory to my blood-addled face. Enter the awesome Six Shooter Shaving Brush. This dapper bit of kit will turn your morning shave into a game of Russian Roulette (not literally, so don’t feel the need to start practicing your best Diddy Mao impression) as it boasts a cowboy-esque 6 shooter as the handle and, to be honest, looks pretty cool. It will make me feel like a big man when I’m shaving until the inevitable sliced-to-shit face occurs and I cry like a baby. As I’ve been so terrible at shaving with a normal razor, I can’t help thinking that having a bash at a wet-shave will likely result in a fatality.

Gold Six Shooter

If you fall on tough times, you can always send this bad boy to Cash4Gold – they’ll probs give you a tenner for it.

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