Silence Alarm Clock

Silence AlarmI am a complete bastard in the mornings (and frequently throughout the rest of the day as well) and I have managed to trace the source of most of my discontent to the shrill tones of my alarm clock at 6:45AM each morning. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve been on the receiving end of some truly horrible wake-up calls which include the following:

  • A fight between a pimp and drug dealer outside of a bus station that I fell asleep at.
  • Waterballoon to the chops.
  • Large man (that I didn’t know) tickling my feet in a hostel asking if I was feeling OK.
  • An overcooked pizza left in the oven overnight causing a spot of smoke.

Of course, we don’t all have those great internal body clocks which gradually awaken us at the right time for work each day. I think the batteries on my internal body clock packed in at uni when I typically gorged on microwave nachos with 300% your RDA of satuarate fat – my body clock essentially suggesting that if I were to treat my body as a recepticle for shit as opposed to the temple it was hoping for, it wouldn’t bother waking me in the morning. Well, you can do one body clock, because I’ve got the awesome Silence Alarm Clock to wake me now. Instead of the shrill Greensleaves ringtone to wake me each morning, I’ll now have a vibrating ring that will soothe me awake. It’s designed for couples because it means you can set your alarms for different times without waking one another but I’m definitely going to wake my girlfriend at the same time. I’m a twat like that.


Number of times I overslept in January dreaming about bees because of the buzz of my Silence Alarm Clock – 31.

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