The Skywhale


Not going to lie, I’ve never really seen the appeal of hot air ballooning and think that I typically want more than a basket and a bit of nylon and propane separating me from a battle of wits with gravity. A battle which I usually lose. Particularly when drunk. It was patently going to take something special to tempt me skywards and I think I’ve only gone and bloody found it in the shape of this chirpy little chap that goes by the name of The Skywhale. To be perfectly honest, if I was going to choose an animal to be my sky Sherpa, it would be one a good deal more nimble than a whale but, as you can see, this little fellow doesn’t look like any whale that I ever saw. Except that one whale I saw that looked a bit like a turtle with an inexplicable set of udders and tail-feathers. Safe to say, it scared the shit out of the other scuba divers. I can’t help but feel that The Skywhale might cause the odd accident or two when motorists become more than a little perturbed at the unusual nature of being floating above their heads.

SkyWhale Flight

Sky whale rock

I spent most of my time hovering around trees, scaring the shit out of birds when they woke up. To get them back for the incessant chirping that wakes me every morning.

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