Slang Flashcards

Slang FlashcardI’m a nodder. Let me define this for you. In social situations where people are talking to me and say a word or phrase that I do not know or understand, I will nod my head in a knowing manner and pull my agreement or disagreement face dependent on the prevailing reaction of other people in the group. However, given the fact that I am beginning to develop a repetitive strain injury from excessive nodding (there are a LOT of phrases that I don’t understand as a result of being painfully uncool), I’ve decided it’s time to take action before I end up in a Churchill commercial (pretty sure that joke won’t translate overseas. Or be funny in the UK). Anyway, I’m going to avoid further awkwardness in social settings through my lack of street credibility by having these exceptionally brilliant Slang Flashcards tucked away in my wallet. So, the next time someone asks me how deep I roll, I’ll know that they are referring to size of my entourage (which is currently zero) and not the depth of my pastry rolling as I previously thought.

Aiight Flash Card

Don’t we all young man, don’t we all.

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