Snail Tape Measures

snail measureThough it’s something the French have known for a long time given their penchant for gorging on gastropods, it will likely come as a surprise to the rest of us that snails actually make exceptionally good barometers of distance, as these brilliant Snail Tape Measures admirably illustrate. A snail’s shell is actually largely akin to the tardis and there is actually a shit-tonne of room up in there and the snail’s head poking out only represents one millionth of his actual body length. So, if you’ve some curtains you want to measure and that and want to use nature’s yardstick instead of, say, a normal tape measure, then this little chap is definitely the one for you.

Snail Tape Measure

Given the famed slowness of snails, I had to leave this chap overnight in order to reach four inches.

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