Snolo Carbon Fiber Sled

Snolo Sled

I actually have a fairly traumatising sledding story from my childhood (circa 1986, aged 5) when my older brother and I were in a sled and were propelling at speed down a particularly steep hill only for my brother to bail from our sledge – “Why’s he done that?” I remember thinking to myself. The excruciating pain and torn to shreds face I experienced seconds after his cowardly bail explain his reasoning as I’d just gone right through a massive thorn bush at speed and ruined my beautiful, beautiful face. Mum going mental at him cheered me up though as I left a trail of blood in the pristine white snow. Hmmmm, I can’t help but think that Snolo will think I’ve not given their amazing Carbon Fiber Sled quite the attention it deserves in favour of my rant. I’ll rectify that now by telling you that the Batman-esque Snolo Carbon Fiber Sled offers the ultimate in sledding adrenaline and can reach speeds of 40MPH which, quite frankly, fills the adult me with dread but child me would have loved that shit.  Providing my brother wasn’t piloting the contraption. Costing about £2,000, this should eliminate any riff-raff from getting behind the reins which would inevitably result in a ten-sled pile up at the foot of the hill as they try and do wheelies and flips.

Snolo Sled Front

You may look a bit out of place turning up with one of these to your local hill where the other sledders have bought their machines from Sports Direct. But at least they won’t be able to catch you.

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