So, That Should Be Mine Has Been in Egypt


If you’re wondering why there have been no recent posts on That Should Be Mine, it’s because I’ve been in Sharm el Sheikh and, as it transpires, Egypt hates the internet. I was in Egypt on very important business. Namely, getting sunburnt and buying an expensive, top of the range luxury watch.



Needless to say, owning such a luxurious timepiece has led to me being invited to many VIP events and opened doors aplenty to the high life. I fear, however, now that the hands of my Breitling have dropped off and the numbers are beginning to rub away, it is starting to raise suspicions amongst the hoi polloi that I’m hobnobbing with and they’re questioning my A-List credentials (I created an elaborate backstory). I think Egypt has diddled me.

Update: They did.

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