Soldier Book Ends

Soldier BookendsDo you ever find youself worrying about the safety of your books when you’re at work or at the shops and that? I know I do. I’m always preoccupied with thoughts like “What if a raccoon gets in…..he’ll have his wicked way with my books. I hate raccoons. Why would you do that to my books raccoon?!!!” Anyway, I digress. The point is that I need worry about my book’s safety no longer with these spiffing soldier bookends. They’ll stand guard over my books and radio in if any raccoons breach the perimeter. It is reliant on any raccoons not realising that the soldiers lack cognisance but all the raccoons in my woods are thick as shit so I’m not worried. I’m talking about raccoons a lot.

soldier bookend

I hope they guard Kindles too as I don’t have any books.

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