StarBath Waterproof Planetarium

starbath Planetarium

Have you ever had a bath at night and thought to yourself “Hmmmm – I wonder what the sky is up to at the minute”? Well, wonder no longer with the brilliant StarBath Waterproof Planerium. This cracking little device will give you a live stream of the night sky via the medium of God’s webcam (this is patently untrue, factophiles – it just lights up and that) and, despite its waterproof nature, doesn’t only work when you’re in the bath. You can bust it out in your bedroom too. So, if you’re the type of person who loves seeing stars but doesn’t want to hang around in Phillip Schofield’s or David Dickinson’s bushes (they’re big stars, see) then the StarBath Waterproof Planetarium has got your back. This pint-sized galaxy spewer will project the Milky Way, Orion’s Belt and that onto your ceiling without any requirement for the latest invention of see-through paint (some guy at my door was selling it yesterday and, safe to say, I bought a SHIT-tonne of it – he says he’ll bring it round next week).


Hmmm – doesn’t look quite as impressive when you switch the lights on.

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