Best Made Steadfast Enamel Steel Plates

Best Made Plates

If there’s one thing that I’m used to seeing, it’s an empty plate. Because I’m fat and I eat a lot. I have, however, grown disillusioned with my Garfield plates because he only likes lasagne and I like any food. I’ve decided to ramp up the style considerably by boshing my food from these stylistically awesome Best Made Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Plates. I’m pretty agressive when I eat (as a result of being the runt of the litter) so I don’t mess about and any plate needs from which I dine needs to be fully prepared for me to go a little OTT with the cutting and forking. I’m a particularly big fan of the X marks the spot theme of these plates because I normally get distracted and eat the best bit of any meal (i.e. the mashed potatoes) first and become upset that there’s none remaining at the end but by putting some mash on the X, I should be able to leave some to end in a sort of “Only Eat in Case of Emergency Type” deal. Pretty sure none of this post makes sense. Safe to say, it’s too late in the day for a change now – soooooo go awesome, fancy plates!

Best Made Plate

If the “S” stands for small (which I know for a fact it doesn’t) then they’ve come to the wrong place. Because I eat a looooooot.

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