Suitcase Stickers

Suitcase Stickers

On the rare occasions that I can afford to go on holiday (the beer fund invariably supersedes the holiday fund in all but the most remarkable of circumstances), I will invariably find myself becoming incredibly bored as I pootle around the airport terminal (as my girlfriend runs riot in the shops). My massive lack of attention span means that airports aren’t the fun-filled playgrounds that I require to keep me entertained so I inevitably have to resort to bringing my own “props” to help wile away the hours whilst I await the opening of the boarding gate. Given that I enjoy getting beaten up by over-zealous airport officials, I’ve decided that these fantastic Suitcase Stickers (which come in a variety of different designs – including my personal favourite in the form of copious amounts of cocaine above) will be slapped on my Trunkee the next time I’m off on my holidays.

Update: The airport officials were, as anticipated, pretty pissed about my faux-drugs escapade. Not half as mad as the drug dealers in Columbia I’d arranged to meet.

Suitcase sticker hostage

Suitcase Sticker money

Pretty sure if I had that much cash, I wouldn’t be carrying it around in a 40 year old leather bag. Put it in a bank or something probs.

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