Sunbeam Donut Maker

sunbeam donut

I should think, were I brave enought to go for a routine physical at the doctors, that said doctor would mournfully inform me that, given my exceptionally poor dietary intake for the past quarter of a century, there is only a small remnant of my arteries that currently remain unclogged by cholesterol. To which I will cheekily reply “Not for long, doc, I’ve bought one of these Sunbeam Donut Makers”. And we’ll both laugh. And then I’ll whip out the donut maker which I, of course, intend to carry around on my person, and make us both a lovely batch of delicious donuts (or, at least, a tasty doughy treat that is lathered in sugar and resembles a donut).

I fondly remember my very first donut and, after I woke up a week later and the doctor informed me that I was now a diabetic (safe to say I didn’t stop at a single donut after that first one), I vowed to make donuts one of my staple food groups. So, this was all going great for a couple of years but after many months of donut bingeing, I am inevitably too fat to fit out of my own front door and my forlorn shouts of “Donut me!” out of the window invariably fall on deaf ears and bemused stares.

So, when I stumbled across this Sunbeam Donut Maker when I was navigating around the internet with my fat person’s dialling wand I was, understandably, delighted because via the medium of home delivery, I can now make all the donuts in-house. And I have since invented Baconuts™ which, alas, have already been banned in 50 countries. Their loss.

sunbeam donuts

Plain donuts? Douche-bag.

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