Super Mario Playing Cards

mario cardsFor those in the know on the gambling circuit and the Vegas scene, they will be only too aware that Mario is a notorious gambler and has, on occasion, gone a little OTT with his collateral on the blackjack table – the most heinous of which was gambling Princess Peach in a high stake game against a bunch of sheikhs. Luckily he won. He’s become a bit of a celebrity on the streets of Vegas and ever since he called it quits in the plumbing game and became a full-time player on the blackjack circuit and in order to enhance his brand identity, which has been in tatters ever since Luigi-Gate (when Mario infamously became involved with his dickhead brother’s wife), he has released these rather epic Super Mario Playing Cards. Unbeknownst to the croupiers of Las Vegas, Mario weighted the cards (given his inability to count them) in order to clean up and before he was roughed up by the bouncers at The Bellagio he was making a pretty penny. And now all he makes is weird mumbling noises through his bloodied moustache because said bouncers didn’t pull their punches. I’ve no idea what I’m on about here, I like these cards though.


Nice bigger than life size image of the card for you.

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