Ted Plush Bear

Ted Plush

If you’re a fan of foul mouthed bears (who isn’t) then you should definitely be thinking about making your new sidekick this Ted Plush Bear which boasts an impressive length of some 24 inches. Which, if my maths is correct, makes it roughly the size of a real bear. Seth MacFarlane is certainly a talented fellow and the recently released Ted movie introduced us to a smoking, swearing, womanising bear who, if the writers of Yogi Bear hadn’t bottled it, we would have met some 40 years ago. As you may be aware, I stopped playing with dolls months days ago so I, alas, won’t be adding Ted to my collection. What do you mean he talks?! Annnnnnnnnnnnd ordered.

Ted Movie

Not a bad wave, Ted, but you need to be taking lessons from this fine chap.

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