Tennis Court Business Cards

Tennis business card

When you’re as inept as me in the business world (Nick Leeson was just the fall guy with all that Barings Bank shit – it was my fault. Pressed the wrong button on the comp and framed him) you need something to help you stand out from the crowd and gloss over how terrible you are at your profession. In my case, I’ve opted for these brilliant Tennis Business Cards which, despite me being entirely abominable at the sport, look utterly awesome and may trick people into thinking that I’m creative and that. As Patrick Bateman is only too aware, business cards are representative of the man and I want people to think of me as I am i.e. a strapping sportsman with the creativity of Don Draper. When, in actuality, I’m fat and bereft of any creative skills entirely.

Update: Met Zuckerberg the other day and gave him my business card – hired me on the spot. Expect Facebook to get a lot worse soon.

Tennis cards

I bust out the clay court ones when it’s raining and that.

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