Toy Plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski

Toy Plates Forklift

I don’t know about you but I’m not the sort who can remain entertained throughout the entirety of a meal. Much like the smallest and most immature of children, I require constant visual stimulation from my food in order to remain interested and not slope off and do something else (usually booze). Well, my dietician and nutritionalist were delighted when I came across these absolutely brilliant Toy Plates from Boguslaw Sliwinski because it meant I sat down and ate my food without getting up and being distracted by a squirrel outside the window or a Guinness. Eating is boring as shit, all that masticating and that. I don’t got no time for that BUT if there’s a good enough reason to remain concentrated on my food i.e. a child-like scrawl of some description, then I’ll definitely give meal time my undivided attention. Ergo, this awesome plates are, in fact, a life-saver because without them, I’d definitely be wasting away but, in actuality, I now tip the scales at a not unsubstantial 29 stone. These plates will probs help with portion size issue, however.

Train toy plateChooo-chooo. Next stop, crippling obesity.

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