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Gadget Show Live

As a big hitter in the world of gadgets and luxury lifestyle, I invariably get invites to all the big exhibitions and events. Don’t let the fact I paid for tickets to Gadget Show Live and have never been invited (back) to any exhibitions dissuade you from taking this statement as fact. Upon arriving (perhaps somewhat eagerly) at 9:30AM, I managed to get a good shufty around before the geek hordes descended and left the Excel Arena reminiscent of the local petrol station on Christmas Eve i.e. full of dads looking for presents.

The first thing that should be mine (that’s the name of the site that) that I came across was a 84 inch LG TV which, I’m reliably informed (by the tag line above the television) was the world’s first 84 inch HD television. I’ve seen bigger. As you may be aware, I often brag about my photo taking skills and I think the pic of said 84 inch television below will admirably showcase by skills behind the camera.

LG 84 Inch Television

Now, there may well be some so-called “photographers” who would say that I should have got the entire television into shot and not cut off the writing in various different places. This, I can inform you, is incorrect. It’s all about cramming as much in as possible but not taking the requisite one step backwards to get it all in. I have to say the LG HD 84 Inch Television is a particularly impressive beast and one that I would go to great lengths (perhaps even 90 inches) to have in my own home. I may need to fashion and extension of some sort as I’m not convinced I currently have a surface area large enough in my flat to accommodate it. An incredible picture quality and impressive girth is all I ask for from a television and this beast certainly supplied this in spades.

After dragging myself away from the immensely large television, it was time for the live show with presenters Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward, who were their typical exuberant selves and presented the show with some considerable gusto. A particular highlight being a beatboxing set from a guy called Shlomo¬†for possibly boasts skills as “mad” (I’m sure that’s the right lingo) as mine. It was an entertaining affair throughout and their “12 days of Christmas” competition which had twelve prizes for a lucky audience member (upsettingly won by a pre-pubescent child) was a nice touch.

Gadget Show

Pretty decent seats but, lamentably, a bit too far back to win any prizes smacked at the audience with a golf club (literally). After the show, I headed back out onto the main floor to take a look at a few other odds and ends that would look good in Casa de Davie. There were a few that hit the nail on the head. Such as these little beauties:

Waterproof case

If you’re a man like me, you will have doubtlessly have dropped your phone in a urinal or two (ten) so something like the above waterproofing device will come as a godsend to you and the next time you see your phone floating down the trough in the men’s toilets, you won’t need to frantically chase it, knocking chaps out of the way (rarely appreciated) in the process. Just wait for it to reach the end, calmly scoop it up and you’re good to go. Baring the inevitable faint smell of piss that will enshroud your phone for the next few hours at least. Anything that can protect my phone from me is alright in my book and this little gem looks like it will prevent many a water-related injury that is invariably right around the corner for my phone. Poor phone.

For fans of the Predator movie and, errr, metal, comes this awesome little character. If you’re concerned that the gnomes in your garden have let their standards slide of late and you want something a touch more brutal to scare off those pesky moles and cantankerous foxes, this Predator will probs do a better job of guarding your vegetable patch than those slacking gnomes. To be honest, it is an impressively crafted piece and one that would have taken pride of place in my home if a] It didn’t weigh one million tonnes and b] I wasn’t already a master metalworker capable of crafting equally as impressive pieces from knives, spoons and the occasional ladel.

hot tub

I am, ostensibly, more of a shower man but that was until I saw some of the hot tubs on offer at Gadget Show Live – the one above being the only one small enough to almost get into a single picture. Living in a top floor flat means that there will be certain logistical issues which will need overcoming in order to make this hot tub dream a reality. I am prepared to void my rental agreement and tackle the inevitable legal case if it means somehow shoe-horning one of these beasts into my flat. Bathroom is out of the question and me and the sofa have been drifting of late, so I’m prepared to cut ties with him in favour of this snazzier device.

1941 arcade game

All you hear nowadays is Playstation 4 this, Xbox 720 that. Well, no sir, the only numbers you should be concerned about are 1941. Having played this game religious during my childhood (by which I mean obsessively and not in any biblical sense) my love affair has been firmly reignited after a stint on the retro arcade machine stand. It just goes to show that graphics don’t mean everything and gameplay should be the key but, judging by the dwindling crowds in this section and the queues to get into the EA MEGADOME (I’ve made that name up, that almost certainly was not its moniker), this isn’t a view shared by everyone. Although, most of the EA games did look pretty, pretty, pretty, good (as Larry David would say).

To summise, I thought the Gadget Show Live was a well put together event and whilst I was hoping to see more dinosaurs – I saw none :( – I would definitely recommend it for people looking for an event to go to next year.

pac man

My old English teacher always said to finish an essay on a high-note. So, I have. Me playing Pac Man. I hope you’re happy Mr Brunskill.

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