TSBM’s Top 5 Gifts for Christmas


pantone baublesWhilst these are by no means essential or, technically, a gift (in your face, title of the post), they are pretty damned cool and if you want your Christmas tree to be an interior designer’s wet-dream, you’ll probably achieve the desired results with these awesome Pantone Christmas Baubles. Gone are the days when you decorate the tree with the odds and ends you find in your drawers, attic and garage. No, sir, you are going upmarket this year.


Whac a MoleWe all know what a chore it can be trying to keep all the in-laws entertained at Christmas after you’ve finished opening the presents (by 9:30AM) and eaten more food than medical science dictates is wise so it is all too apparent what you need to do to address this issue. Yep, buy a £30,000 Whac-a-Mole game that will keep the masses entertained well into the New Year – by which point, you will most likely have broken the machine and / or anything in its vicinity.


Lightshow Fountain Speakers

If you’re the sort of person who hates listening to music without some visual representation of the tune for you to look at then you will likely want to add these brilliant Lightshow Fountain Speakers to your Christmas list ASAP. You can see them in action HERE. Safe to say, they are almost as accomplished as me at dancing in time to the music. And I’m a terrible dancer.


Berg Little Printer

If you’re prepared to overlook this little chap’s dire comb-over, you will be delighted with the awesome features that it has and it will make the perfect gift for the technological obsessed this Christmas. The Berg Little Printer is basically the ultimate big-mouth and will keep you up to date with the gossip from your friends (I’m not sure how he will do this barring stalking them somehow but the site lists this as one of his features), bring you the latest news, puzzles and other cool stuff. Plonk him on your desk at work and just wait for the good news to start rolling in.


Montaine Watch

Obviously, you can’t go wrong buying a Swiss watch for someone this Christmas and this great timepiece from Mondaine admirably showcases the sort of brilliant watch you can pick up for under £300. Granted, it’s somewhat lacking in the bells and whistles department but it is overstocked in the understated awesomeness stakes – so, swings and roundabouts.

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