Turtle Shell Wireless Mountable BoomBox

Turtle Shell BoomBox

I am, for all intents and purposes, a terrible cyclist. I ride on the pavement, my bicycle is completely bereft of lighting, I’m fat and slow and hold up vehicles (on the rare occasions I am on the actual road), my brakes emit an annoying squeal, I ride a Raleigh bike and I seldom heed the “rules of the road” (i.e. rebel). Despite all these foibles, I’m always on the lookout for things that will make motorists despise me still further and I think I have found the perfect device with the fantastic Turtle Shell Wireless Mountable BoomBox. Picture the scene, if you will, it’s a lovely serene summer’s morning, people are asleep and motorists are grumpy at having to be in their cars on a sunny day. And there’s me booming the dulcet tones of SlipKnot from my bike-mounted boombox as I weave around hap-hazardly oblivious to my surroundings. That’ll wind them up for sure. I’m erratic enough as it is when it comes to cycling and I doubt that having ABBA, Mariah and Michael Buble blaring out at me during my morning commute will improve my cycling¬†proficiency. That being said, I want one of these Turtle Shell Wireless Mountable Boomboxes real bad. They’re water-proof, come in loads of different colours and, I quote, are “built for action”. Too right, any boombox of mine can go hard or go home.


A Turtle Shell BoomBox in its natural habitat of the Amazonian rainforest before it is poached, ripped from its mother and attached to your bicycle for your musical pleasure.

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