UFO Business Card Holder

ufo business cardI’m a big fan of American Psycho and the scene about the importance of getting your business cards right certainly resonated with me. However, I’m less concerned with the weighting of the paper and the font used than the actual card holder itself so it is plain to see why this fantastically awesome UFO Business Card Holder from Uncommon Goods has definitely caught my eye and will be my next receptacle of choice for my highly professional and awe-inspiring business cards (pictured). I’ve won some pretty high-profile clients with those bad boys but due to some water-tight NDAs I can’t really reveal their identities (*coughs* Google). As Patrick Bateman is only too aware, you can tell a lot about a man by the calibre of his business cards and I’m rightly very proud of mine because they get the point across admirably and show me in a very positive light.

Hog Business Card Holder

I bought this for Bateman and he was good enough not to chop me up with an axe. Good lad.

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