USB Sniper Rifle

usb sniper

They say a good sniper should be able to lie undetected for days on end, becoming one with his surroundings, making those around him oblivious to his presence. That’s all well and good if you’re in a war-zone and have a legitimate target to neutralise but if you’re just a petty little shit like me and just have a few workplace squabbles that you want to settle, the whole Jarhead, sniper route may be a little OTT. Ergo, I require something a little less brutal and permanent. Put simply, I need this USB Sniper Rifle.

I plan to plonk said weaponry on my ancient turret PC in my office and embark upon a rather tyrannical workplace reign of terror whereby I will indescriminantly blast colleagues for the most minor of indescretions i.e.

Me: Oi, where’s the stapler?

Colleague: I’m dreadfully sorry, I’m not sure.


—- OR —

Me: So, I think I accidentally deleted the entire payroll system whilst playing minesweeper…

Colleague: Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone.

Me: Thanks.


Check this sucker out in action below:

YouTube Preview Image

The guy with the pistol looks like a bit of douche to be fair. Should have just chucked his gun at those dickhead figurines.

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