USB Type Writer

USB Typewriter

As any wordsmith will tell you, there is no better medium for writing than that of a good old humble typewriter. Well, there is. There’s plenty of better ones. That’s why they seldom make typewriters anymore. That being said – you can get the best of both worlds with this Frankenstein, mish-mash creation of the Underwood USB Typewriter which gives you the authenticity of a 60’s copy editor with the awesome typewriter and the high-tech wizardry of, well, most 14 year olds as you can plonk your iPad where you’d normally put the paper (for those under the age of 20 – paper is essentially grated trees). So, if you want to write a literary classic but think that modern technology is holding you back (but you need spell-check) then this USB Typewriter from Underwood is the perfect solution.

Underwoood USB Typewriter

The USB Typewriter is awesome for playing Angry Birds.

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