Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

As I couldn’t read, write or spell until the age of 24, it’s fair to say that Sesame Street has been compelling viewing for me for many a decade now and I’ve obviously invested a lot of time in those jovial little chaps. Needless to say, when you spend so much time interacting with the same bunch of people, you naturally develop favourites and, in my case, I struck quite an accord with the wonderfully witty and numerically superior, Count Von Count. It is very rare that I come across someone who is capable of drinking me under the table but I didn’t stand a chance because, during his stint as this brilliant Vampire Wine Bottle Holder, Count Von Count managed to develop an outrageous tolerance to alcohol that invariably meant our drinking sessions entailed me getting smashed and the Count carrying me home, sober as a judge. After we left a flaming dog turn on Big Bird’s porch.

Vampire wine

Vampire Wine Bottle

Lockjaw is an occupational hazard of a perennial booze-hound like Count Von Count.

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