Ventura SPARC MGS Watch

Ventura SPARC watchIf you want your wrist to look like Johnny5 from Short Circuit, then this rather spiffing Ventura SPARC MGS timepiece should do the trick. And it most likely costs more than that technologically challenged little robot. This top-notch timepiece will set you back around £3,500 but it has some features that makes it worthy of such a lofty price-tag. This includes a watch resistance to 3 BAR (suck on that Johnny 5), motion sensor, automatic backlight and 2nd generation Micro-Generating-System (Yeah, I don’t know either). It’s an awesome addition to the fancy, weird watch stable and one that I wouldn’t mind strapped to my wrist – particularly if I could somehow programme it to say “Johhny 5 is alive”. But that’s just a pipedream.

Ventura SPARC watchI know what you’re thinking and, yes, that IS a CD player in the top.

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