Watch Post It

watch post its

For me, timekeeping is an issue which I have never really been able to countenance and, chances are, if there is a possibility of being late for something, then late I shall surely be. Given the ever-growing number of occasions / events / court dates that I am late for, it is getting increasingly more difficult to think up suitable excuses for my tardiness. I, of course, make sure that I am steaming drunk whenever I have an appointment to keep because this will take some of the guess work out of why I am late for the person I’m meeting but getting smashed before a 9AM meeting day after day is wreaking havoc on my poor liver and I think it prudent to seek out a more sustainable solution and I think I’ve found exactly that in the form of these awesome Watch Post-Its.

Whilst it may not be immediately obvious how this will overcome my lateness issue, I anticipate it working thusly:

Person I’m Meeting: Leo, you horrible little bastard, you’re over an hour late for our meeting!

Me: Hmmm – no, no, I’m sure that’s not right. What time did we say?

Person: 10:30AM…

Me: I see – bear with me a second.

* Pulls pen from pocket, slyly turns back to person, writes 10:30 on black Watch Post-It. Shows said watch to the man.

Me: BOOM! Bang on time. Let’s get this sucker started. Your round, yeah?

Person: We don’t have a bar in our meeting room.

Me: This meeting is over.

post it

Sort of makes it hard to tell the actual time. I’m guessing this retard missed his flight.

Update: I did.

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