The Wedge Tent

The wedge tent

Due to my excessive levels of drinking, I often find that I’ve ostracised myself from general society and will find that I will need to wander the wilderness until whatever Guinness fuelled indiscretion I’ve carried out has been forgotten. This normally takes between 10-14 days depending on the magnitude of faux pas I’ve committed (but usually involves vomming in the laundry basket and that) so I patently need a pretty tasty mobile gaff to chill out in until I can come home again and that, sir, is why I will be investing in one of these superb The Wedge Tents which look all fancy and that. As mentioned, most of my jaunts into the wilderness are alcohol related so it goes without saying that I don’t want to be pissing about with tent poles and all that shit which is exactly why I’ve opted for The Wedge Tent because this bad boy is inflatable. Which will obviously come in handy when I forget to tether my abode to anything and I get blown in the sea.

Wedge tent

Don’t go anywhere without my plutonium stash.

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