Williams Warn Personal Brewery

Personal Brewery

As a regular drinker in London, I have had to grow accustomed to so-called “London Prices” which basically entails inexplicably paying around five of my hard earned (or at least earned) pounds on a pint of Guinness. A fact made all the more galling by the fact that I am a native northerner where pints are half the price and twice as strong. This isn’t true but I still throw my toys out the pram when I have to pay such an exorbitantly high price for the privilege of getting smashed and feeling like shit in the morning. Strictly speaking, they should be paying me to drink it given that it has no discernible benefits and renders me a slobbering, groaning mess in the morning. So, basically, the logical step is for me to step foot into the brewery game myself and make my own beers and only charge myself £3 per pint. That should keep me happy. In order to facilitate this pipe dream, I’m currently in the process of saving up for this utterly brilliant Williams Warn Personal Brewery which, as it costs around £4000, I should be able to save up for by stopping drinking for a month.

Williams Warn beer

As this video is over four minutes long and my attention span doesn’t exceed the 30 second mark, I have no idea how this one ends. But I expect that there’s a twist in the tail. There always is.

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