Given that I was born an upsettingly large number of years ago, there are very few computer consoles or systems in existence BL (Before Leo). I have witnessed the coming and going of more or less every computer console from the sublime (SEGA Megadrive) to the ridiculous (Nokia N-Gage) and everything inbetween. Given that I now have the reactions of a drunken sloth (a spectacle I would pay good money to see) and the fact that 1st person shooters now make me feel queasy (a combination of age and excess drinking having effected my equilibrium), I am perhaps not quite as excited about the launch of the next generation of computer consoles as I once might have been. That, was, however, until I saw what the impending XBOX One was capable of and my ancient bones began to creak with excitement. Needless to say, the next generation incarnation of the Microsoft machine will be considerably more capable than my previous favourite computer – the Commodore Amiga – a computer which I loved dearly for it introduced me to the holy triumvirate of Sensible Soccer, Championship Manager and Cannon Fodder. Were it not for these games, I would not be the man I am today i.e. a football obsessed bar-fly (that loves Cannon Fodder). Anyway, with a launch date of Christmas 2013 (quelle surprise), I’m already starting to save my pennies for one of the awesome looking XBOX One consoles (unless Microsoft send me a free one for my patent awesomeness).

Update: They said no.

xbox one controller

Nice buttons.

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