Zombie Cribbage

zombie cribbage

I have literally no idea what cribbage is but, after discounting “what I used to hide leftover food under on my dinner plate”, I’ve come to the unanimous conclusion that it is a game of some description. My inclination to learn about this terrible sounding concoction was at an all time low until I came across a variety that threw zombies into the mix and, God knows, I love a good zombie, me.

Zombies always get a pretty rough portrayal in the media, what with all their brain eating exploits, but if Heston Blumenthal pulled the same trick out of the bag, people would be queueing around the block to chow down on a bit of grey matter. Now, I’m not sure that this awesome looking Zombie Cribbage Set is the answer to their bad rep prayers (any card game that requires componentsĀ otherĀ than just cards is a recipe for disaster in my eyes) but it will certainly stand those undead bastards in good stead, I reckon.

zombie cribbage 1

Took some zombies to Vegas the other day but they all starved. Get it? No brains in Vegas. Except Rain Man – he provided sustenance to them for a good long while.

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