99 Problems T-Shirt

99 Problems Tee

Looking at Jay-Z is, in many ways, like looking in a mirror. We both grew up on the mean streets, slinging rock. My mean streets just happened to be the leafy green streets of the picturesque Peak District in Derbyshire and the rock I was slinging was of the candy variety and, as far as I’m aware, led to just the one overdose. So, as you can see, Jay-Z and I are patently cut from the very same cloth and it is consequently of no great surprise that our career paths have followed very similar trajectories. He’s gone on to become a multi-millionaire, platinum selling recording artist with private jets, his own basketball team and all that shit. I’ve got all that stuff too but I don’t like to flaunt it and hide my wealth exceptionally well behind my veneer of being a penniless, Guinness addicted copywriter. However, every now and then I like to tip my cap to how similar Jay-Z and I are and, this month, said subtle act will be wearing this awesome 99 Problems T-Shirt from Human. Unlike Jay-Z, however, I think I genuinely have 99 problems – the most pressing problem being the fact that my record label (Sony International) are beginning to question my rapping credentials. I fear that my decision to rap the Fraggle Rock theme tune may have been career suicide. With another hurdle being that I can’t rap.

99 Problems T-shirt

The back of the t-shirt looks pretty much as I expected.

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