Bakso T-Shirt


The Iron Giant and I have many striking similarities. For example, we are both voiced by Vin Diesel, we’re both fine specimens of our respective races (me, man, he alien machine) and we’re both highly sought after by the American Army – the Iron Giant because he’d be good at stomping shit and that and me because I’m Absent Without Leave (I got bored). The similarities don’t end there, of course, but I won’t bore you with the details (and physiological impracticalities) of how the Iron Giant and I could have been separated at birth.

Needless to say, however, I don’t simpy ignore how similar that metal behemoth and I are and should our paths ever cross (and the clumsy twat doesn’t step on me), I will choose to show my kinship with the fella through the wearing of this awesome Printed T-Shirt by Bakso. This exemplary tee, essentially shows the Iron Giant what his life would have been like if he’d grown up on this side of the Atlantic instead i.e. he’d be wearing a flat-cap, be beset by pesky pigeons, working on a farm and having a bunch of no-good kids to look after. An appearance on Jeremy Kyle would sure follow soon after. They’d probably have to draft in some extra muscle because when the Iron Giant finds out he “aint the baby-daddy” he’s blatantly going to start throwing chairs and shit around.

shoe tee

On an unrelated matter, he’s a nice t-shirt with shoes on.

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