Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies

speaker wellies

Getting an allotment us something that I’ve been thinking about for some time now. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no intention of growing a bunch of dickhead vegetables or getting my fingers green. No, sir, I just want a nice little shed where I can sup Guinness and shout miserly things at the reprobates that probably hang around at allotments. I will, however, require some form of entertainment, of course, during the inevitable transition period between when I have Guinness to when the Guinness runs out and, finally, to when my Guinness stocks are replenished.

The thought of being without Guinness for any period of time sends shivers down my spine but I am typically calmed by music and, occasionally, whale noises. As such, I fully intend to get my mitts on a pair of these top notch Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies which will let me bust out some of my classic tunes that will likely impress the array of critters (moles and that) that typically congregate around allotments.

To be honest, I’ve not really had much call for musical feet in the past (given my hatred of both music and dancing) but the combination of my desire to own a Beer Shed on an allotment and the fact that it will be muddy underfoot seems like it was fated that I should come across these Bloom Wellies. Plus the fact I do rather enjoy annoying people with my, frankly awful, taste in music.

Update: I think these wellies might just be for girls because the biggest size they come in is a 7.5. That is a flagrant case of sexism. I don’t give a shit though, I’m crow-barring my feet in there if needs be.

bloom wellies

That man has got a slim, girlish-looking leg.

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