As long as you don’t intend to “two-strap” this backpack, you may soon be scoring some cool points if, in your social circle, blaring out a spot of Peter Andre or Manilow is considered cool. Permit me to explain – the above contraption may look like a tortoise shell but it is actually a portable boombox masquerading as a backpack. There’s nothing I love more than forcing my musical tastes upon others and, if my train to work in the morning is anything to go by, there are plenty of others who share this affinity for wanting strangers to be able to hear what they are listening to and, presumably, react with the obligatory “nice choice of music, old bean”. I don’t know about you but when I was in my pomp in the 90’s I was seldom seen without a ghetto blaster on my shoulder blaring out my tunes but, word of warning, I now have an incredibly incapacitating shoulder injury as a result. This brilliant BoomPack contraption will help to ensure the next generation of music lovers don’t fall foul of this ailment and, for that, I salute it.

boompack specs

You can’t beat a draw-bridge in a rucksack. Lovely design feature.

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