Boy Parker T-Shirts

Catch 22 T-ShirtI like to project the perception that I am a deeply cultured individual onto the world and the way in which I do this is by giving the impression that I am an incredibly well read young man. This usually entails whenever someone asks “Oh, did you read such and such a book”, I’m always one of the first ones to go “Yes, I read that years ago and I found so and so incredibly contrived”. Little do they know (until now, I guess) that I almost certainly haven’t read the book that I’ve purported to have read but have, in actuality, a weird encyclopaedic knowledge of book characters and have a scattergun approach to adjective descriptions of their characteristics within the novel such as:

Oh yeah, Hannibal Lector, I was really bowled over by his compassion…

Mr Darcy? He was a right dick. Always drink driving and that…

Patrick Bateman? Chilled out entertainer, yeah?”

Needless to say, these assessments of the character traits are a bit hit and miss when I try them out in public so I’ve decided to take a new tact by letting people know which books I’ve read by having said books emblazoned across my chest – which is why these brilliant Boy Parker T-Shirts will definitely come in handy.

On The Road T-ShirtAs luck with it, they have one of the few books that I have read all the way through.

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