Budd Shirts London

black tie ensemble

I can quite categorically state that I’ve never been to an event that warrants the wearing of a shirt that costs in excess of £100 as I am invariably not on the guest list of fancy-Dan occasions – I normally just hang around in shops and petrol stations that aren’t too stringent with their “No Shirts / No Shoes, No Service” policies.

I have, however, decided to dapper things up a bit nowadays and even wore a T-shirt that cost more than £5 the other day. Safe to say, I turned heads aplenty. Well, having made this snap decision that I now want to be a Bertie Wooster-esque dapper chap about town (preferably with a butler), I’m clearly going to need to start dressing accordingly. Having done a little research into the matter, I have concluded that I’m going to need bespoke dress shirts because off the shelf varieties have proven unsuccessful in containing my ample frame in the past.

It is my understanding that, when it comes to bespoke tailoring in London, Budd Shirts are the best in the business – but I’ll believe it when I see how they deal with my above average carriage. I’m obviously not going to get all dressed up with no place to go so I’m going to peruse the Budd Shirts Black Tie Guide and then head down the bingo, Bond style.


Yep, this is the perfect bingo bow-tie – the number caller won’t know what hit him.

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