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I don’t think it would be an exagerration to say that a good 75-80% of my vocabularly was learnt from endlessly reading Calvin and Hobbes books as a child. Now, I don’t suggest that I have a Shakespearian grasp of the English language but, I dare say, without the rambunctious six year old and his possessed stuffed tiger, my language skills would be largely akin to a caveman. And not one of the clever ones that did cave paintings and shit – one of the “special” ones that tries to befriend the saber-tooth tigers.

As such, it is clear that I’ve got a lot to thank Calvin and Hobbes for and, for this reason, I intend to wear this brilliant Calvin & Hobbes T-Shirt (or similar incarnations thereof) every day for the the rest of my life. Or until someone says a validating comment about it like “Sweet T-shirt, brosef” – whichever comes first. Which, considering that I don’t think I’ve had a single compliment about my attire in 31 years, doesn’t seem very likely. So, upshot is I’ll probably be buried in this T-shirt when I die – so come casual to the funeral.

I do, however, have every faith that the powerful allure of Calvin and Hobbes has the chance of breaking my fashion faux-pas hoodoo which has been running for well over a quarter of a century now. I will, of course, keep you fully abreast of any developments and will keep a record of any compliments on my T-shirt as and when I surely receive them.

calvin phone

Hello, new phone cover.

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