Chupa Chups Holder

Lolly HolderWithout wishing to sound xenophobic, the Japanese can be a crazy bunch at times and I think a prime example of this is the ridiculously pointless but amazingly brilliant Chupa Chups holders above. I often tire of eating a lolly about half way through and I’ve lost count of the number of trousers I’ve ruined by putting a half-eaten lolly in my pocket whilst thinking “it won’t ruin them this time”. Well, these troubles are well and truly behind me now with this fantastic Chupa Chups recepticable from bonkers Japanse company Sweetd-Life (I wouldn’t recommend going on their site unless you’re fluent in Japanese) but I would recommend buying one of these awesome lolly holders. It could probably hold other stuff too – such as a stack of ten pences (around 7 or so I would hazard), a Subbuteo football, conker (during conker season obvs) or glass eye (if required).

Chupa Chup Holder

Sleep, Chupa Chup, sleep.

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