Cuckoo Nest Launch T-Shirt

cuckoo nest tee

Rocket ships are pretty great, I’m sure that we can all agree. It takes a certain calibre of man to wear a rocket ship emblazoned across their chest and, despite what you may think, this calibre of man isn’t just restricted to “astronaut”. I, and by extension, you too can wear such clothing and, providing that you’re made of “The Right Stuff” (is that NASA’s thing?) then you’ll be able to pull it off with some considerable aplomb.

Well, if you’re at a loss for the sort of space ship related clothing you should be wearing, then fear not because I’ve got you covered. You need to draping your portly frame (you’re fat too, right?) in one of these awesome Cuckoo Nest Launch T-Shirts from Intro Clothing. It may be a little ostentatious for those who don’t typically wear clothing with giant rocket launch pads on it (that’s pretty much all I wear) but, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained – which, in this case, means that if you don’t “venture” to wear this T-shirt, you won’t “gain” a whole array of complimentary comments such as “nice rocket tee, bro! You an astronaut?”

cuckoo teeWord of warning – You’re going to get those Aurora Borealis douchebags following you around if you wear this tee.

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