DaDa Underwear

dada underwear

You can tell a man is of good stock by the calibre of pantaloon that he chooses and anyone who is guilty of wearing starship pants is likely to be a buffoon of the highest order. So, basically, I lost my favourite starship pants last week and I’m in the market for some new undergarments that will ramp up my style significantly. Resultantly, I’ve decided to get my hands on some of the awesome looking and decidedly dapper DaDa Underwear pictured above. Whilst I’ll no longer be able to keep myself entertained by looking at my rocketship pants going “pew, pew, pew”, I’ll probably be treated more like an adult when I’m sitting in my pants and that. At work. Boasting ethical manufacture and materials, DaDa Underwear will definitely help soften the crippling psychological blow of my missing astronomical pants by making me feel all good and that by playing my part in helping the environment. By wearing stylish pants. Go me.

Dada pants

So, I mistakenly thought that by wearing DaDa underwear I would become efficient in the art of surfing. The lifeguard said he’d never seen someone look so inept in water.

Point to Note: Picture posed by model. I am considerably more chiseled than this. And, by chiseled, I mean fat.

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