Dapper Fox Neckties

Dapper fox neckties

Foxes are renowned for being the most sartorially accomplished beasts in the animal kingdom and, despite a bit of bad press recently courtesy of a fox from the wrong side of the tracks going a bit rogue, they haven’t allowed their dapper chap crown to slip and, I for one, have got a lot of time for these ginger dog wannabes. If you too want to replicate the regality of these wood-dwellers, you’ll need to be heading to work donning one of these rather dashing Fox Neckties from Scatterbrain. This, of course, isn’t recommended if you work in the countryside, as you will inevitably find yourself being chased by red-coated, horse riding, bugle trumpeting, beagle owning gentry folk whilst you try to down your vanilla latte, scoff your chocolate croissant and finish that spreadsheet you were supposed to do on Saturday but have, inexplicably, left until the commute to work on a Monday morning. Not the best start to the working week, truth be told.

Dapper Fox Necktie

A rare sighting of the elusive silver fox.

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