FC Barcelona Vintage 73 Throwback Shirt

Barcelona Throwback Shirt

I’m probably the best footballer that you’ve never heard of. I am in absolutely no doubt whatsoever that, were it not for an incredibly unfortunate injury as a youth, I’d be turning out at the Nou Camp right about now. Said injury entailed having an incredibly low tidal volume and left me utterly incapable of running for more than about ten seconds at a time without rendering myself a wheezing mess. Which, admittedly, was more a crippling level of unfitness than an injury per se. But tomato, tomatoe. As I’ve not managed to warrant a place alongside Lionel Messi, I’ll have to live vicariously through the wearing of this rather spiffing FC Barcelona Vintage 73 Throwback Shirt which looks great and stripes are very concealing which, of course, will come in handy with my portly, non-footballer frame.

Barcelona throwback

Yep, the back looks pretty much as I expected.

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