Don’t Feed the Bears T-Shirts

Dont feed the bears

We all know aliens exist, that’s just a given. They’re always popping down for a bit of surveillance and people always wonder they don’t stick around for a chat and that. Well, the mystery has been solved because whenever they come in for a landing, they are greeted by a belligerent looking bear, smoking a pipe. It’s probably not the sort of welcoming committee that they’re used to on Mars, Pluto (still a planet, you NASA bastards) and Venus who are all exceptionally gracious hosts I’m led to believe. So, the fact that planet earth has massive pipe-smoking bears and a stag of some sort to welcome the aliens, it isn’t altogether surprising that they haven’t stuck around for a bit longer. All the boffins were scratching their heads as to the skittish nature of the extra terrestrials until they saw these brilliant Don’t Feed The Bears T-Shirts which captured the scene expertly. And solved a life long mystery in the process. Fox Mulder was well wide of the mark with his crackpot theories.

Dont Feed the Bears

Aliens weren’t too pleased to see these little chaps either, truth be told.

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