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Spiderman, in my opinion, is one of the few superheroes that actually goes that extra mile to make it difficult to spot the difference between his real-life personality and his alter ego by, you know, wearing a mask that covers his entire face. You’ve got your Superman who just takes his glasses off, Batman who thinks a pair of bat ears will do the trick of disguising him and the Incredible Hulk who just goes all green and muscly and that. Poor camouflage form chaps, take a leaf out of old Spidey’s book, you doucebags.

Such is the excellence of Spiderman’s anonymity capabilities he can feel relatively safe in having his form emblazoned across the chest of people the world over without fear of his secret getting out, a fact that is admirably illustrated by this rather superb I Am Generic Spiderman T-Shirt from Serene Order. If, like me, you’re incredibly fat, you can have all sorts of fun making Spiderman’s face look fat with your ever-expanding beer belly. More fun than it sounds.

spider man

Wait, is that you, Peter Parker?

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