Glow in the Dark Wayfarer Sunglasses

glow in the dark sunglasses

I’m a complex fellow so I like to embroil myself in objects that are contradictory. It was always my understanding that sunglasses were made to be worn in sunny conditions so that idiots like me could stare at the sun without fear of going blind and finally winning that game of Chicken I’ve been having with the sun since childhood.

Well, imagine the turmoil that I was thrown into when the belief system that I had cultivated regarding sunglasses all these years was led into disarray when I stumbled across these Glow in the Dark Wayfarer Sunglasses. I sat and stared in bewilderement and puzzledom at said sunglasses for well over an hour because my brain kept saying that you wear sunglasses in the sun (I know, brain) but here in front of me was a pair of sunglasses that glow in the dark – which led to a full and frank discussion between my brain and I and we came to the unaminous decision that the sun doesn’t come out at night and decided that there must be another reason for the existence of these Glow in the Dark Sunglasses. We concluded – fashion. End result – I bought a pair because I’m one fashionable bastard.*

* My brain (and the mirror) disagreed.


Toss the pink ones on every now and then to mix things up a bit.

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