Hentsch Man Apparel


As I’ve recently been allowed to dress myself after my somewhat disastrous “experimental” phase which may or may not have involved meggings (male leggings)*, the time has come for me to find some rather excellent new purveyors of menswear with which to drape their apparel across my increasingly portly frame. Well, given my inherent and unyielding laziness, I’m entirely unwilling to look outside the realms of London for said pedlars of menswear so I was almost overcome with emotion (read: I’m drunk) when I discovered a brand by the name of Hentsch Man who offer a superb array of apparel for hench men like me. Hench means fat, right? I’m fat. Typically speaking, I like my clothing to be a brash, in your face sort which will leave your high street offerings a quivering wreck in the corner which is why Hentsch Man appealed massively to my sensibilities as, I’m pretty sure, one of their t-shirts could definitely give a Top Man one a resounding thrashing in a round of fisticuffs. Not sure where I’m going with this personification of a clothing brand. Let’s just say their clothing looks ace and that be the end of it. Leave it Top Man!


Unsure whether I’ve the chutzpah to pull off the paperclip in the hair look just yet. I’ll keep you updated.

Update: I don’t.

* It did.


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