I think that the day that cyclists have been waiting for for a long time could soon be upon us with this great concept design by Soohun Jung which goes by the name of the iBackpack. This brilliant idea won’t make a difference to me insomuch as I’m a complete twat regardless of whether I’m on two wheels or four but for those cyclists who obey the rules of the road and have grown irate with road-hog motorists, the iBackpack could be the perfect platform for venting this anger.

This snazzy little bit of kit basically entails putting your iPad in your backpack in a specially designed and perverted peep-hole which will allow you to deliver messages to the motorists behind you to keep them abreast of of your current state of mind. Strictly speaking, they should only sell this thing to people with a more developed sense of maturity than I because, after 30 seconds of basic rumination, I already have the first three messages to be programmed into my iBackpack:

  • Close Enough to Read This Message? Fuck Off Then, Yeah?
  • My Other Time Machine is a Delorean. Honk Once if This is 1948. Just Checking.
  • I Have Curry Percolating in my System. Fair Warning.

Needless to say, I haven’t felt the need to mention that I will also be drawing penises on the screen as well. That’s just a given.


The rear mirror is a nice touch. I like to enjoy the tailback I’m causing and it’s a pain in the arse turning around.

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