Jason Markk Quick Wipes

jason-markk-introduces-premium-shoe-cleaning-quick-wipesShoes are knobheads. We spend ages getting them looking all bright, shiny and prestine (by “we” I mean other people – my shoes are decidely none of the aforementioned adjectives) and then a few steps in the great outdoors or, indeed, a filty London Tube and they look like a tramp has been sleeping in them for a week.

This incapability for shoes to remain clean is a problem as old as the stars (dinosaurs were always moaning about getting shit (normally T-rex shit) on their loafers) (parenthesis within parenthesis – is that allowed?) but some four billion (?) years after this problem of mucky shoes originally arose, a solution may now be in sight in the form of these somewhat spiffing Jason Markk Quick Wipes (not as disgusting as the name suggests), which are purpose built to give your dirty shoes a mini-car wash whenever they start to look anything less than exemplary – which in the case of my shoes, is every minute of every day.

jason-markk-titan-shoe-cleaner-pack-1-640x426Some of this shit will probably come in handy too. Word of warning – don’t clean your laptop with the wipes. Mine disintegrated.

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